The Afterglow

For years our family attended church gatherings and conventions where the main event ended and an event took place afterwards, often a concert, called an “afterglow.” Webster defines the word as “a pleasant effect or feeling that lingers after something is done, experienced, or achieved.”


Well, I’m still experiencing the “afterglow” of Easter! It was a great day of worship together at Lanier Christian Church in all four of our services. The music, the message and the people made it a memorable day! Easter is a highlight for me every year! I love preaching on Easter!  (* Be sure to check out the Easter highlights video in today’s newsletter!)


Someone asked me recently how many Easter sermons I had preached. Well, I had never thought about it, so I said “43.” The next question was, “Do you ever find it hard to say something different year after year?”  So, my response to that was, “No, Easter is full of great preaching material.”  


I wish that I had said, “Are you kidding? Easter is our greatest hope! Resurrection is in our future as believers! Life eternal is ahead for all those in Christ! Death is destroyed! I never tire, nor do I find it hard to tell of the hope that Jesus brings through his resurrection!”  


In fact, I read yet another Bible passage today that filled me with even more resurrection hope! It may lead to next year’s Easter message, but I just got to share it with you today! It’s found in 2 Timothy 1:10, and I’ll just give you the part that hit home with me: 


“…Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” 


That’s my motivation. That’s my hope. That’s my belief. That’s my passion. I stake my life on this truth! Jesus destroyed death and brought life!  He offers life and immortality. You can’t buy it in a store. No pharmacy carries a prescription for it. It’s not a buried treasure you have to find. Jesus freely gives, if we yield our lives to him. Darkness will not win! Death cannot overcome! 


That gives me a pep in my step and joy to my soul! No matter what we as Christians face in this life, death is not the end! Life awaits. Death no longer has a grip on us. Immortality in a perfect heaven awaits. 


And just imagine, you ain’t never seen (I’m a southerner – that’s how we talk) an afterglow like the one we will experience when this life is over! The joy, the freedom, the feasts, the fellowship, the wonder and the celebratory songs of heaven await for those in Christ, because Jesus defeated death!