Only God Knows

I must say that I don’t usually look for inspiration at a fast food restaurant, yet that’s exactly what I experienced on Tuesday. I was having a late lunch and found myself craving a hot dog, so I went through the drive-in at the Cook-Out Restaurant. I took my food and Diet Coke back to the church office to eat and happened to notice a scripture verse on the drink cup.  I don’t go to Cook-Out enough to know if this verse is always on their cups, but it certainly got my attention.

Only the Bible reference is printed on the cup:  Proverbs 1:7. Not being exactly sure what that verse said, I looked it up. In both the NIV and KJV versions the verse reads:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Wow, I needed that verse! Our world needs this verse as the pandemic in our country is surging with cases once again. Opinions are all over the map concerning how we should live and how we should confront this novel virus.  From government leaders and health professionals to the everyday man and woman, everyone has an opinion, and it often changes within 24 hours! There is only one who truly knows the answer:

The Lord God Almighty.

HE is the beginning of knowledge. His wisdom and instruction is unsurpassed. If you have caught yourself saying, “The Lord is trying to tell us something,” then I believe you are absolutely right. But, He has been trying to tell us something every day of our lives! His word speaks truth to us and His Holy Spirit empowers us to live out that truth.

A few weeks ago I bought a new electric chain saw. I did not read the instructions. The maker of the saw had included instructions so that the buyer would know how to operate the equipment properly. But, a fool despises wisdom and instruction, so this “fool” had the chain pop off because I failed to read the proper way to install the chain. I thought I knew better. I obviously did not.  

Yes, the Lord is clearly trying to tell us something, as He does every day. You know this verse very well.  It’s Psalm 119:105

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” 

The fear of the Lord requires our total surrender and humble awe-inspiring respect as we completely yield to Him. Our day should never start with thinking of what “WE” have to do, but instead what “HE” would have us do. 

I don’t want to be a fool. I want to be guided by the wisdom of the Lord, but it only comes when I put my selfish ways aside and completely yield to Him and His guiding hand. The Christian singer, Lauren Daigle wrote a song that expresses it so well. It's called, "Here's My Heart." The song concludes with these words:

“Here’s my life Lord. Speak what is true.”

Sometimes He speaks through a soft drink cup. He got my attention yesterday. I pray He gets yours in His own unique way today.