On Marriage

Ruth and Billy Graham were married more than 60 years before she preceded him in her promotion to glory. Many do not know that Ruth Bell Graham was the daughter of medical missionaries to China. She spent her childhood in China and spoke Chinese.  It was in China where she started to write poetry that honored God.  Among her many poems was one written after she met Billy Graham and fell in love with him. Here is what she wrote:


Train our love…

Discipline it, too…

Deepen it

throughout the years,

age and mellow it

until, time that finds us

old without,


will find us 

lovers still.


Indeed, God answered that prayer with a bond of marriage and love that lasted almost 63 years and was lived out in the public eye for the world to see. 


On this May 1st, I want to say Happy Anniversary to my bride! It was today, 43 years ago, that our bond of marriage began. God has deepened our love throughout the years and blessed us with two amazing children and three precious grandchildren. In addition, we are so richly blessed to have a daughter-in-love and son-in-love that have made our family even more complete. And, even more incredible is that we all share a common bond of love for the Lord and service to his church. Our cup overflows with even more love as we have been privileged and blessed to serve the same church for 43 years. The family of God that makes up Lanier Christian Church has encouraged, prayed and supported us in marriage and ministry throughout all these years. Blessed and humbled only begins to describe our journey together that started in 1976. So, to my supportive, encouraging, committed, loving, talented, hard-working, joyful and gracious wife, Faith: “I Love You!”  As Ruth Graham said:    “…until, time that finds us old without, within, will find us lovers still.”



(The New Testament word for the highest form of love and charity seen in God’s love for us, which should also overflow out of us to others)