My Redeemer Lives

Last week I watched John Simpson’s interviews of one current and two former members of the Atlanta Falcons on Instagram Live. I enjoyed them immensely. One of the things that made these interviews different is that all three of these men are believers. Hearing Jason Webster, Josh Harris & Joey Mbu share their faith was encouraging to me. One of the questions I particularly liked was, “What’s your favorite Bible verse?” It was good to hear their answers and why these verses were their favorites.

Favorite Bible verses can help carry us during times like the one we are living in now. Allow me to share mine with you now:

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth”  -- (Job 19:25).

I love this verse because of the circumstances in which it was spoken. Job was suffering and experiencing tremendous pain when he said these words. He lost his children, his home and all of his worldly possessions. This pain came about through no fault of his own. To make matters worse, three of his “friends” accused him of evil behavior which brought about his suffering. Job’s words in the verse above are a reply to one of those judgmental friends. When you consider that Job lived hundreds of years before the Resurrection of Christ, his words here are even more remarkable. They are one of the earliest statements about resurrection in the Bible. 

Notice what Job says about His Redeemer at the end of this verse – “in the end he will stand on the earth.” Another translation of this is “in the end he will stand upon my grave.” In other words, the Lord will vindicate me. By the power of His Resurrection, He will stand upon my empty grave. This is quite a statement of faith in the midst of intense, seemingly never-ending pain. 

Some of you are dealing with pain right now: physical pain, economic pain, emotional pain, etc. The words of Job 19:25 have given me the strength to keep going during some dark days in my life. I pray that that they help you today as you face your pain. God is with you now. He will be with you tomorrow and beyond. One day, by the power of Christ resurrected, He will stand upon your empty grave and vindicate your faith in Him. That’s what we celebrated last Sunday! Let’s continue to trust Him during these painful times. He is worthy of our continued trust and our worship today!

Because my Redeemer lives,