Masks of Love

I was asked by a family member recently how I feel about wearing a mask in these days of COVID-19. I responded that I wear a mask out of concern for others that I may come in contact with. Admittedly, wearing a mask is not convenient. Likewise, there are times when I forget my mask at home or in the car, but I’m trying to get better at remembering to bring one. The bottom line for me in this is that as a believer in Christ, wearing a mask is one of the most Christ-like things I can do right now. 

There is a debate raging across our country currently about the wearing of masks. Some say it is an infringement on our personal freedom. Early on, when our church leadership decided to have outdoor worship services, we also decided that we would encourage people to wear masks, but that doing so is optional. To quote David Simpson—“We are not going to be the mask police.”I agree wholeheartedly. At the same time however, I believe that the church has a responsibility to set the example when it comes to wearing masks, social distancing, etc. It is an act of love on behalf of others. Listen to what the Scripture tells us about loving others:

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling” (1 Peter 4:7-9).

A big part of loving others deeply in the name of Jesus is being inconvenienced. I don’t like wearing a mask, but I am willing to do that because it is an act of love. Wearing a mask is not about me. It’s about the well-being of others. It’s an act of hospitality we can perform “without grumbling.” Ultimately, wearing a mask is about honoring the One who was inconvenienced for us in a painful way on the cross of Calvary. 

So let’s be God’s people today. Let’s look out for others who are at risk. I encourage you to wear your mask of love. A mask is a cover of love in these times. As Peter tells us, love covers a multitude of sins. We need to be reminded of that often. Having said that, the choice is up to you. Whether you wear a mask or not, I love you in the name of Jesus. Let’s show the world His love today!

Because we are to “love each other deeply,”