A Prayer for the First Day of School

It was a privilege to pray for Gainesville Middle School yesterday. Mike and I joined my wife, Faith, assistant principal of the school, as we walked the halls and the parking lot just praying for various needs, classes, and teachers. Several teachers joined us along the way. The teachers setting up their classrooms were very appreciative of the prayer support. Others also prayed specifically for the school yesterday as part of preparation for the first day of school today. So, inspired by the prayer experience yesterday, I wrote and offered this prayer before the Lord today:


A Prayer for the Beginning of School – David Simpson – August 7, 2019


Lord, you are close to the heart of children.  

It was you who welcomed children when you taught.

It is you who bids us all to be child-like in our faith.

So, on this the beginning of a new school year, bless the children.

We place our trust in you as you watch over these children every day.

Surround them with your protective hand.

Guide them with your wise counsel.

Help them with your strengthening presence.

Encourage them with voices inspired by you.    


Lord, we know that every school is more than a building. Precious lives are forming community there each day. Through your mighty hand, may every life experience the joy of learning together.  May each school rise to a higher calling of accepting the divine challenge to gain a heart of wisdom as led by you.  


May every superintendent, principal and administrator lead with wisdom and direction as guided by you.

May every teacher know your strengthening help as they offer impactful lessons that mold and shape young lives.

May every teacher aide and substitute teacher seize moments to inspire as created by you.

May every coach energize their team with confidence that is driven by you. 

May every drama teacher, choral director and band leader inspire their students with a melody that flows from you.  

May every media specialist and librarian feed the mind with truth that stems from you.

May every counselor offer guidance that is stirred by you.  

May every bus driver safely complete their routes as you grant them your guiding hand.

May every nutrition and lunchroom worker feed not only stomachs, but hearts as well, as they humbly encourage all who pass their way.  

May every staff member be bolstered by your daily encouragement as they diligently support the work of each school and office. 

May every custodian clean each school with your strengthening hand guiding their humble task.

And may every parent experience the joy of hearing their child say each afternoon, “It was a good day,” knowing that truly “every good and perfect gift is from above.”


In the name of our Savior who said, “Let the little children come to me,” Amen.