• I'm Impressed

    Proverbs 31 describes the wife and mother of noble character.  The concluding words of that chapter are:  “Honor her for all that her hands have done.”  As Mother’s Day approaches, we honor those women who have poured out love from their hearts and toil from their hands for the sake of their families. 


    My sisters and I are certainly blessed by a mother of noble character.

  • How to Please God

    How can I please God today? You may not have awakened this morning with that on your mind, but you should have. For most of us, our first waking thought is: “What do I have to do today?” with the emphasis on “I.” 


    If we are committed believers, we will most likely say a brief prayer to begin the day and then get on with our work. We will check our calendars for appointments, check off the tasks of the day, make needed phone calls, conduct business, chat with friends and family. But, I must be honest; I have rarely started my day with the priority of simply wanting to please God.

  • Barbara Bush died yesterday.  The former first lady of the United States was a lady of dignity and strength and was quite endearing. The first time Colin Powell met Barbara Bush, they were seated next to each other at a French Embassy luncheon. General Powell was an Army corps commander at the time – not yet a top Washington insider – and he was intimidated, a bit, by the formality of the situation. So he turned and said, “How do you do, Mrs. Bush? I’m very pleased to be with you.”