• I spotted a foil wrapped dessert plate left on the kitchen counter.  I instantly thought it was cheesecake and that someone had accidentally left it behind. No need to go to waste. I’ll claim it, take it home and enjoy it when I get home. 


    Upon arriving home, I did indeed sit down, and put my feet up. When Faith walked into our kitchen, she asked if she could bring me anything. I instantly said, “Yes, I’d like that cheesecake I brought home. It's wrapped in the foil.” So, she brought it to me.  It wasn’t cheesecake. 

  • There’s nothing like a flat tire to dampen your mood.  I am certain that none of us who have ever experienced a flat tire have said, “Yippity Yay, this just made my day!” Instead, most of us become instantly disgruntled and have a sudden shift in attitude.  

  • It is so easy for believers to get stuck in the rut of faithless attitudes. We spend way too much of our time focused on what WE can do, rather than what GOD can do. When you read the Bible, you see story after story of people in impossible situations that were used by God to accomplish great things that brought honor to Him. Each story is a reminder that God really does want to use each of us to accomplish His purpose.