• Today is our granddaughter Mary Evan’s eighth birthday! The family celebrated last night at Olive Garden, her favorite place to eat. The food was plentiful and delicious. I could not eat all of my dinner (imagine that), so I brought home leftovers. During the meal, Mary Evan told us about a Bible Story she had learned recently. Jesus fed the 5,000 (plus women & children) with only five loaves and two fish.

  • This coming Sunday will be my first Father’s Day without my dad. He was promoted to glory last October. When I passed by the greeting card section while in the store this week, I paused to get a card and it hit me. Not this year. Many of you have been there and know the process of grief. 


    When I got home yesterday, my eye caught a book that my grandsons like to read from time to time. It’s called, “The Superman Chronicles.”