• I almost felt guilty. A political candidate took the time to share with me personally at my home and offered well thought-out ideas. I try to be supportive and positive and encouraging, but on the issues presented that day, I just happened to disagree. Oh, I’ve been on the presentation end of things many times.  I’ve heard most of the popular responses to ideas, proposals and issues: 

  • Hurricane Florence is looming out at sea as I write this devotion. A few days from now, the destructive power of this storm will be revealed. It is a frightening time for those living along the southeastern coast of our country. Our prayers are with everyone in the path of this powerful storm. 


    The Bible actually refers to a damaging wind of hurricane force in Acts, chapter 27. It is the story of Paul’s shipwreck at sea while on a journey to Rome to stand trial before Caesar.

  • I saw a car in the school parking lot yesterday with a unique tag. It was a Georgia license tag with one word on it:  ADAPT.


    I don’t know the intended message behind that unique one word tag, but it did prompt a question for me.  Am I adaptable?  I mean, when it comes to living out my faith and being a Christian witness, am I adaptable? I know, I know, the main words we use to challenge each other as believers are these:  faithful and consistent. 


    In fact, I have often said that one of the Christian’s main tasks is to be faithful. Well, that’s true, among other traits, such as to be loving, forgiving, kind, compassionate and virtues beyond these. But, what about adapt? Have you ever used that word in a way that describes your Christian walk?