• Today is a rainy day here in North Georgia due to another hurricane striking the panhandle of Florida. Weather forecasters have predicted high winds and lots of rain, even for most of Georgia. More than likely, the forecast is right based on a lot of meteorological evidence.  So, here in the southeast, we are preparing for the storm.


    However, there are forecasts that are sometimes wrong.

  • Bark Less

    While taking a walk in our neighborhood last Monday, a bumper sticker on a nearby RV caught my attention. It simply said: "Wag more, bark less." 


    No, it's not scripture, but it is good bumper sticker theology. A dog that wags its tail more than it barks is a lovable dog. A person that exudes joy is more lovable than someone who is constantly yapping about something.

  • I almost felt guilty. A political candidate took the time to share with me personally at my home and offered well thought-out ideas. I try to be supportive and positive and encouraging, but on the issues presented that day, I just happened to disagree. Oh, I’ve been on the presentation end of things many times.  I’ve heard most of the popular responses to ideas, proposals and issues: