• Today is the day. This is the day. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Today. Not that God didn't create yesterday and will provide tomorrow. I just want to focus on TODAY. THIS is the day. God created this very moment in time. Our response to that should be one of rejoicing. Quit the worry. Stop the grumbling. Cease the groaning. Seize today and let the Lord help you squeeze everything you can out of it.

  • What I saw in the store this week will be a lasting memory.  A very petite couple, same height and size, appearing to be husband and wife and obviously in their golden years, passed by me walking side by side with both leaning on the shopping cart (“buggy” here in Georgia). “How sweet,” I thought.  But, then I realized what a great spiritual lesson this was for me. 

  • Last Sunday's church bulletin cover verse reminded me of the beautiful scenery from our recent vacation. The bulletin had on the cover a passage from Psalm 19:1


    "The heavens declare the glory of God; 

    the skies proclaim the work of his hands." 


    Whether it was a beautiful sunrise or an amazing sunset, the ocean background provided a spectacular venue for God to display his creative handiwork.