• Ruth and Billy Graham were married more than 60 years before she preceded him in her promotion to glory. Many do not know that Ruth Bell Graham was the daughter of medical missionaries to China. She spent her childhood in China and spoke Chinese.  It was in China where she started to write poetry that honored God.  Among her many poems was one written after she met Billy Graham and fell in love with him. Here is what she wrote:

  • I hate death. It leaves in its wake heartache, loneliness and despair. If there is one enemy we have in common around the world, it is death. 


    There was no death until sin entered the world. The first death was that of the animal sacrificed by God to make clothes for a naked and shamed Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:21) I would not be surprised to learn when I get to heaven that it was a lamb.


    Since that day, grief entered the world. All of creation has suffered from the curse of sin. Most of the things we question are a result of a broken world.  Most of the hurt we experience is a result of the consequences of what sin caused. That’s the bad news. 


    I have good news for you today, however.