• I just had a conversation with someone yesterday and in response to his positive comment, I responded back with: “I hope so.” It was said with doubt in my mind and in my voice. There was no real hope there. It was false hope. I was filled with doubt.  Perhaps I should have used that classic expression, “Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise!” That phrase might have been more supportive.  


    In reality, we, as believers, are called to be filled with hope.

  • Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


    How many of you have suffered injuries from riding a bicycle?  I would say most of us have experienced some cuts and bruises as we learned to pedal our bikes and stay upright! Whether we realized it or not, learning to ride a bicycle was all about balance. And the best way to achieve that balance was to pedal forward and steadily.   


    There are a lot of gurus who will tell you how to achieve life balance through any number of methods. Perhaps you have tried some of these ways often advertised on the front cover of magazines found at grocery store check-out aisles. Try these fads if you must, but there is one way to balance life that has been proven true for centuries.

  • Driving home last night I saw the most beautiful sunset. The sun looked like a giant orange ball in the sky. It inspired me to sing a song I learned as a child:  Beyond the Sunset.  One of our early church members, Maxine Strickland, had met Virgil and Blanche Brock, the composers of the song. Virgil was, in fact, an ordained minister in the Christian Church, serving churches in Indiana and Florida. The story behind the song was told to Lindsay Terry by Virgil Brock himself.