• Phyllis Terrell was promoted to glory last Sunday afternoon. Although she was not a member of Lanier Christian Church, she was most supportive of the church throughout our history.

  • Halloween is tomorrow and many of the costumes you will see are intended to promote fear.  Many a kid, and adult for that matter, have been frightened by such scary costumes and masks. 

    I know Halloween is, for most people, just harmless fun. Most do not want to cause fear or panic. Yet, fear is a reality that we often face, and it doesn’t take a Halloween mask to cause it.

  • Boy, has it been a tough week to be a sports fan in Georgia! Last Wednesday, the Braves were routed, and a season of promise came to an end. On Saturday, the Bulldogs and the Yellow Jackets both lost. Finally, on Sunday the Falcons went down in defeat because of a failed extra point. It has been a trying week for area sports fans, to say the least. 


    While losing is not fun, it is a part of life. Failure hurts! Nobody likes experiencing it. But as one coach said a long time ago, “Failure is a great teacher.” We don’t talk much about failure in today’s society (except to complain about our teams losing), but perhaps we should. Truth be told, failure has its benefits. We can learn from our mistakes. We can use the failures of the past to motivate us to do better in the future. We can realize the benefit of getting another chance.