• On St.Patrick's day, March 17th, my eyes were drawn to something inspiring! While checking out progress on our new building at church, I looked down and saw these beautiful purple flowers growing in the cracks of the asphalt parking lot. Little purple flowers might not describe it best for you horticulturalists, so I did some research. They are "Rock Cress Purple Aubrieta Hybrida Hendersonii." Now you know! I think I'll stick with calling them little purple flowers!


    These beautiful little flowers reminded me that no matter the situation before us, hope can spring forth to capture our attention. Hope is the beauty in the chaos.

  • I saw something last Sunday that I’ve never seen in 35 years of ministry. I was working outside with our parking team when a helicopter appeared over the church property. Mesmerized by this unusual sight, I watched with awe as the pilot skillfully landed that helicopter in our church parking lot. I got on the radio to our parking team and said, “Well guys, we just had our first helicopter landing at Lanier Christian Church. An historic moment!” A few minutes later the pilot’s family emerged from our building and they lifted off. It was a sight to behold. It just goes to show you that if you miss a Sunday at LCC, you miss a lot. 

  • It’s really simple. God wants to use you. I think that we often get confused and see God as a tool that we use to help us when we can’t help ourselves. But God is the Almighty!  He is sovereign over all. We are tools in His hands, not the other way around!