• I am not a thin man. I tell you that because my roundness created a challenge for me on Monday. I went to the Post Office, parked the car, and was about to get out when a teenage driver pulled in right next to me. This driver parked so close to me that the tires were on the white line, creating a space of just inches between my car and hers. I almost regretted my next decision. Even though the space between our cars was extremely narrow, I felt like I was up to the challenge to open the door and exit my car! I have, in fact, been through “fat man’s squeeze” at Rock City in Chattanooga, so I felt like I could do this! 

  • Do you remember July 4, 1976? I remember it well. Our nation was celebrating its Bicentennial—200 years of freedom. It was a day to celebrate! Even though I was only 12 years old at the time, I understood very well what we were celebrating—and the cost involved. Many had sacrificed so that I might live free. 


    In another part of the world, a celebration was also occurring on July 4, 1976. It was another celebration of freedom, but for a different reason.

  • Last month, David shared Jude 21 with us in one of his devotions. This week, I wanted to follow that up with Jude 22, which is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. “Be merciful to those who doubt” (Jude 22). 


    We all know people who have doubts. Some of our friends may even doubt God. I once had a co-worker who doubted God so much that she was always downing Christians and the church.